Vision, Mission & Values

Company Vision

To be the supplier of choice in industry we serve. “Uni-Pol is a global company and leader in Turbine Compressor Wheel manufacturing. Our quality and innovation guarantees the involvement and satisfaction of customers by offering high-performance products. We mean to bring the highest possible value to customers through investment casting technology in the automotive, aerospace and high precision industries”.


  • To develop long-term business relations with our customers.
  • We are ready to be Global supplier for investment cast and machined parts.
  • To grow steadily through process enhancements


In order to best serve our customers and remain true to our employees, UNI-POL embraces the following core values:


Quality is best measured with a view outward to the customer, inward to employees, and cross functionally within the organization. At UNI-POL, it denotes a commitment to excellence and superior outcomes, and is reflected in our products, services, employees, and business practices.


At UNI-POL, we say what we mean and do what we say. We act with unconditional honesty, respect, and courtesy at all times.

Team Work

We work in a collaborative environment where team success takes precedence over individual achievement and where we encourage new ideas and practices without judgment or criticism.

Continual Improvement

We are relentless in our pursuit to creatively, intelligently, and systematically improve in everything we do. From our business practices and technology, to our commitment to personal and professional employee development.


Above all, by holding true to our core values and through devoted customer appreciation and respect, we will earn our customers trust, and thereby develop the long standing business relationships that are the heart of our company’s development.