Health & Safety

Jiangyin UNI-POL Vacuum Casting India Pvt.Ltd
Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Jiangyin UNI-POL Vacuum Casting India Pvt Ltd is committed to protect the Environment, Health and Safety of it’s employees, communities by providing safe and environment friendly atmosphere. We will continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental performance by

  • Ensuring commitment to prevention if injury, ill health to employees, visitors and environmental pollution.
  • Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements based on the Health, Safety and Environmental hazards identified
  • Assessment, periodic review and updating of HSE hazards/risks of operations
  • Effectively communicating our HSE policy to all our stack holders, contractors, sub-contractors, transporters.

These are our commitments to Health, Safety and Environment to creating sustainable opportunity everywhere we operate.


Safety standards adopted at the work place are as per the european safety guidelines. We prompt Safety awareness among Employees and the usage of safety equipment. Regular internal safety Drills and Audits.


Regular medical check-ups of employees. Sickness and medical cover to ensure our staff has a good well being.


  • Zero Effluent discharge. Substitution of alcohol based binders with water based binders.
  • In house reclamation of wax and other constituents which could be detrimental for the environment if discharged.
  • Tree plantations around factory premises.